Stephanie McMahon On Triple H’s Role in the Women’s Revolution, Sasha Banks’ Difficult Childhood & Perseverance

September 16, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

WWE star and Executive Stephanie McMahon recently spoke with The Times of India and below are some interview highlights:

On the current WWE Women’s Revolution and the message it sends:

“Even real life story of what is happening, like for example Alexa Bliss overcame a eating disability that almost killed her twice, look at where she is today.

“You think about Sasha Banks who stayed at home as a kid to help her teach her brother who is autistic, so her mother could go to work and who was homeless for number of years. You thin bout her story, that perseverance is a real-life story we all can be inspired by. With digital and social media, the purpose of that platform for me is also about inspiring and putting out a positive message,” says Stephanie.

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On Triple H’s role in the Women’s Revolution:

“In terms of WWE, Paul Leveque (Triple H) started recruiting elite athletes from all over the world, both male and female and he started training them the same way as men, he the same opportunity to tell stories in the ring, the same as men and what resulted was a huge ground swell of our audience chanting for our women and chanting women’s wrestling and ‘This is Wrestling’ and it really gave rise to the voice of our audience and they knew they could impact the content of our show,” she adds.

Source :

The Times Of India

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