Matt Hardy Talks to Booker T On His Current Run As the ‘Woken’ Character, Future of His Feud with Bray Wyatt

September 14, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

Booker T recently had “Woken” Matt Hardy along with Randy Couture on his podcast “Heated Conversations”. Below are the highlights of the Matt Hardy portion, with an h/t to Peter Bahi @PeterTranscript, for the transcription:

On His Current Run As Woken Matt Hardy:

“Well, you only knew me when I was in my weak, mortal form. Now, I have become more. I have become magic. My essence has been #Woken. A couple of years ago, my essence became to exist, and it took over my vessel because the barriers of my mind became #Broken and I became #Broken Matt Hardy. When I returned home to the WWE I had gotten such a huge ovation at WrestleMania during my return from the WWE Universe, it suppressed my issue. It went dormant for a while, but once I touched the black magic of Bray Wyatt, it awoken my white magic, hints, I am #Woken Matt Hardy and I am going stronger than ever before. Growing stronger by the day.”

On the Woken Warriors:

They are with me. The Woken Warriors are standing side by side with me and fighting the Great War with me day-to-day. Do you know what the Great War is in essence? It is the oldest battle known to mankind; the oldest battle known to existence; it is light vs dark. Bray Wyatt has cast a shadow of darkness over the WWE. It is my job as a ‘Warrior of the Light’ to grab all of the services from the #Woken Warriors all across the planes, known as earth. It is our job to make this world a better place.

Check out the full interview at this link.

Matt Hardy and Randy Couture chat with Booker T!

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