Details On Sami Zayn’s Injuries Which Cut His PPV Match Short, Nikki Bella Does Not Know What a Human Is? (Video)

August 25, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

The Bella Twins have brought back their “Bellas Brains” video series as seen in the latest episode above.

Nikki and Brie get into a scientific round nail biter, while Birdie distracts Nikki by slamming remote controls on the coffee table.

More Details On Sami Zayn’s Injuries Which Cut His PPV Match Short

As we noted earlier this week, WWE Raw star Sami Zayn was not backstage at Raw this week as he is currently dealing with an injury which is keeping him out of the ring for an undisclosed amount of time.

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Zayn reportedly went into last Sunday’s WWE Money in the Bank PPV match injured, which is why the decision was made for the Zayn vs Bobby Lashley match to be one-sided and short. Zayn is scheduled to be evaluated by doctors in Birmingham, Alabama, to further diagnose his injury status.

According to, Zayn is suffering from both knee and shoulder injuries, and he ultimately decided to have the issues addressed after Money in the Bank as opposed to continue working through the injuries.

You can watch highlights from the Lashley vs Zayn Money in the Bank match below:

Bobby Lashley struggles to stay on his feet after suffering a merciless assault from Sami Zayn during their WWE Money in the Bank 2018 showdown. Courtesy of WWE Network.