WWE SmackDown Live Results (8/7): New Day vs The Bar, AJ Styles Returns, Rusev Day Fallout Continues, More!

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WWE Smackdown Results
August 7, 2018
Orlando, Florida
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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The Viper, Randy Orton kicks things off on SmackDown Live this week to a chorus of boos from the Orlando crowd. Orton says last week Jeff Hardy called him out, and he shows a clip to remind everyone how that turned out for the former United States Champion. He questions whether the fans still believe.

He said seeing the fans squirm is one of the reasons to do it, reminding everyone he made a vow to destroy the legacies of the people that the fans hold on a pedestal, promising to be so violent that people will want to change the channel.  Orton said Jeff is currently lost and is searching for his identity, saying he doesn’t get the respect from people in the back.

He reminds people when he first started he was the youngest person in the locker room as he goes to list off his accomplishments, claiming fans still don’t respect him. Orton says the fans have made their choice, and so has he, so he will erase every superstar that they choose to believe in, starting with Hardy. Orton states it isn’t his fault and says people can just call him the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment R, K, …. O.


Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are then shown backstage and Charlotte says she wasn’t trying to ruin Becky’s moment and Lynch says she wants to be happy for her, but she wanted Carmella for herself. Becky says at SummerSlam she gets to prove she is the best and Charlotte asks if they are good for the tag match to which Lynch replies, of course, taking a shot at Sasha and Bayley by saying they aren’t them.


Peyton Royce and Billie Kay start the match with word association by running down the crowd, claiming Charlotte Flair is overrated and then say Becky Lynch is in Charlotte’s shadow, claiming she is always a bridesmaid but never a champion.

Once the action starts Charlotte and Lynch waste no time in taking out both Billie Kay and Royce with Charlotte throwing herself over the ropes to take out both women. Back from the break and both Charlotte and Kay take each other out with big boots at the same time as they both make hot tags.

Lynch comes in with some straight fire and sends Peyton Royce flying across the ring with the Becksploder which she follows up with a big forearm from the top rope and she then locks in the Dis-Arm-her until Kay breaks it up. Charlotte then tags in and hits a moonsault to both women before locking in the Figure Eight and getting the victory for her team.

Winners: Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch


Renee Young is backstage with The New Day as Big E says this week they are trying something a little different and Kofi Kingston becomes the interviewer. Xavier Woods says they have beaten The Bar before and will beat them again as Big E adds that they will make sure The Bludgeon Brothers bow down to the Power Of Positivity.

We then move to the clip that was aired online earlier today of The Miz accepting Daniel Bryan’s SummerSlam match.

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