Matt Riddle On The Road To NXT

August 9, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

Matt Riddle recently sat down with to talk about his NXT debut. Riddle discussed meeting William Regal, how he found his character, and the impression he wants to leave with the audience. Riddle debuted for NXT on the Oct. 31st edition.

Riddle, on meeting William Regal:

“I was on a show for EVOLVE. Regal was talking to one of the guys about a possible opportunity to work with WWE when I stepped into the ring and said, “Yo, Bro, why aren’t you talking to me?” Some guys thought I was being disrespectful, but that was the first time I met William Regal. It took a little bit of time and persuasion, but they finally let me in the door at NXT.”

Riddle, on where his character & demeanor came from:

That’s just exactly who I am. When I first started, I had a mullet and I was trying to play a hillbilly persona. While it was fun, it wasn’t me. I decided the best move was just to be me and turn it up a little bit. I’m 100-percent me when I’m out there. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t even be getting paid because I’m just being myself all the time.

Riddle, on his message for those watching him wrestle:

I wanna take over and change the game. If you don’t know who I am, by the end of my match you will. By the end of my match, you’ll be saying “Bro” just like everyone else around you.


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All hail The King of Bros: Matt Riddle on his NXT debut, his royal nickname and the first time he “Bro”-ed William Regal

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