The Elite Starting Their Own Promotion? Billionaire Sports Family Linked to New Trademarks Filed for ‘All Elite Wrestling’ & More

August 7, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

Numerous trademarks were filed earlier this month in Jacksonville, FL related to a new entity named “All Elite Wrestling” or “AEW” that may help connect the dots between a few very important things happening in the wrestling world right now.

The new trademarks were first discovered in a Reddit thread from the r/SquaredCircle community, whose members have been working diligently to turn up new information. Before we dive in, here is a list of newly registered trademarks belonging to a group called All Elite Wrestling, LLC.

All Elite WrestlingAEWAEW All OutDouble or NothingAEW Double or NothingTuesday Night Dynamite

As you may recall, “Double or Nothing” was the phrase used by Cody Rhodes after ALL IN in what many believed to be a sequel to the self-funded event put on by The Elite, namely Rhodes and the Young Bucks.

Here’s where things get really interesting. The LLC is registered to the same address as TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, FL which is the home of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

The owner of the team, Shahid Khan, is the same Pakistani-American billionaire who was recently reportedly to be the back behind the formation of a new wrestling promotion, with ties to Chris Jericho, Jim Ross and AXS TV.

Reddit has also turned up the recently registered domain name as well as a Twitter handle @AEWrestling which was claimed just last month. The law firm responsible for the above trademarks is also linked directly to the Khan family.

While aspects of that original story were highly questionable, and AXS TV outright denied any involvement whatsoever, at this point there can be no denying that the Khan family is connected to an emerging pro wrestling venture of some importance. It is well known that Shahid’s son Tony, who also co-owns the Jaguars and Premier League club Fulham F.C., is a huge wrestling fan.

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