Tommy Dreamer Gives His Thoughts On AEW, Talks AEW Having Wins And Losses Matter, More

August 5, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

Wrestling legend, Tommy Dreamer appeared on the Busted Open Radio show this week where he discussed All Elite Wrestling, giving his thoughts on the company.

On wins and losses mattering in AEW:

“I think it should be and I always, with my House Of Hardcore shows, would have my announcers state a guys record when they are going towards a title but it will be interesting to see. A lot of politics could happen with that, but I hope it doesn’t.”

What he thinks of AEW:

“I think they have an amazing roster and their next show is going to be as good as the first. I like what they are doing now, I would say I want to do two to three ALL IN events for the year and towards the end of the year be like, ‘hey, we have television,’ it’s going to be hard trust me. Starting to do television from the ground floor, it is hard.”

On equal pay for men and women and possible healthcare:

“I saw a lot of people on social media. At first it was the greatest thing ever, and then of course, once it gets digested “They said this and that.” When you are a new company you are going to have growing pains, when you see a company, there is going to be some issues. If they are working towards healthcare, awesome, that will be a game changer. I have been on both sides as talent and management, it is a hard, hard task. As great as everything is, you will see other sides of professional wrestling which will be hard because some of these will be your friends. Let’s just take it, I couldn’t be happier, it’s going to be an awesome time. Should there be equal pay for men and women, sure. Should their be equal pay for everyone on the card, no. Are you going to pay the person in the first match the same as your main eventer, that is business and it’s how much you’re drawing for the company.”

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