Billy Gunn On Triple H’s AEW Comments During The WWE Hall Of Fame

August 4, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

WWE Hall Of Famer, Billy Gunn recently spoke with 411 Wrestling where he discussed the Hall Of Fame ceremony and Triple H’s AEW jokes.

Triple H made several jokes about AEW during DX’s headline induction, stating that Vince McMahon would buy the company just to fire Gunn again as well as mocking the number of Executive Vice Presidents that AEW has.

“Yeah, I mean, come on,” Gunn said. “It’s not a secret! We all know what’s going on, we all know what’s happening. It had nothing—yeah, it’s funny and everybody’s gonna react to it, and it’s not taboo. Because everyone’s talking [like]‘Well, you work for AEW now. How can you be in the Hall of Fame.’ It’s not about working for WWE.

“It’s about being recognized as a part of wrestling, as being part of one of the greatest things that ever happened to wrestling. So, yeah, it was funny, I thought it was hilarious, it was well-done. It wasn’t meant by no means to hurt either/or feelings. Either AEW’s feelings or WWE’s feelings. But you can’t walk around like it’s not something. Like, it’s not happening, right?”

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411 Wrestling

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