‘Road To Double Or Nothing’ Ep. 11 – Cody Seeks Help From An Old Friend, Women’s Triple Threat Hype, AEW On Fire

August 2, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

This week’s episode of The Road to Double or Nothing kicks off with Cody Rhodes offering a spot in the Over Budget Battle Royal to his longtime family friend, Glacier. The 54-year-old legend gladly accepts, saying that the first OBBR was one of his favorite things from ALL IN, and also recommends that Brian Pillman, Jr. be given a chance in the match as well.

Cody then asks Glacier about the situation he’s in with Chris Jericho, where Jericho is leaving the EVPs all these nasty voicemails and is of the opinion that he is solely responsible for AEW succeeding. Cody juggles with the idea of fining him, but Glacier reminds him that Jericho has made a lot of money and that probably wouldn’t do anything, and suggests that the two meet face-to-face and talk it out like men.

We cut to Kylie Rae talking about her first five years in the wrestling business, and allowing herself to get really excited about the prospect of AEW at the recent press conference in Las Vegas. She talks about AEW creating real “options”, which is creating real competition and opportunity in wrestling again. Kylie addresses Double or Nothing and calls Britt Baker her greatest opponent, and the unknown of Nyla Rose meaning the match definitely won’t be easy.

A short segment with Sam and Erica Weisz of Trism Books talking about the creation of The Elite branded children’s books, which of course started with the Young Bucks, and the brand new Rhodes book that will be out soon.

Nyla Rose cuts a promo on her match at Double or Nothing, but at the end the screen cuts to static and gives an error signal, before Darby Allin flashes across the screen. He is seen in a car that crashes through a chainlink fence. He then spray paints the word “Relentless” on the side of the car, does some cool skateboarding moves off of the car, before striking a match. The episode ends with Darby dropping the match and the AEW logo in fire on the ground.

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