AAW Take No Prisoners Results (5/11): Sami Callihan vs. David Starr, Josh Alexander Makes His Comeback, Something Becomes A Champion

July 28, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

Holy crap. This was a show, and definitely the best show of 2019 for AAW. Those that were there knew, and those that weren’t there will definitely have to catch this one when it comes out.

As usual, we were there live to be able to cover all the action in what became an unforgettable show for AAW. They continue to prove that they are providing GREAT quality wrestling even with the purge of the indies from the large companies. AAW has made new stars, while providing captivating stories that have kept the crowd on the edge of their seats.

They also continue to do this while expanding to new markets like Austin, TX, and soon to come Milwaukee, WI. We welcomed back The Walking Weapon, Josh Alexander, saw two beasts brawl it out with Ace Romero & FATU, and saw the exclamation point in what we have seen continuously be this incredible build for Jake Something.

MAY 11TH, 2019
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com

We start the show as usual with Tyler Volz and Marty DeRosa, welcoming us to the show. They’re immediately interrupted by Jimmy Jacobs, who says that he put AAW on the map. He says that he needs to get what he deserves.

Out comes Mance Warner, and the two go at it! They fight in the middle of the ring and then Mance chases JImmy out of the ring and into the back.

We’re here at @AAWPro for our normal opening but @JimmyJacobsX interrupts! #AAWPrisoners pic.twitter.com/aR5ZxHulia

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) May 12, 2019


This was a fun first match to get the crowd started and set the tone. That tone: Something. The crowd was SUPER behind him on this one, chanting SOMETHING and super hot when he got the win when he Black Hole Slammed Aero Wolf basically through the mat.

Winner: Jake Something


WHATS. HIS. NAME?! #AAWPrisoners pic.twitter.com/leufue5pfA

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) May 12, 2019


This match was interesting and people didn’t know how to take it…at first. AAW has done something good with finding Clayton Gainz, as he is entertaining and only going to get better. His “BRO” gimmick with the aminos and flexing is surprisingly original.

Statlander got the crowd behind her really well, and eventually surprised Gainz when he was distracted by drinking his aminos. Statlander for the win!

Winner: Kris Statlander

Clayton Gainz stops to get his aminos in mid match! #AAWPrisoners pic.twitter.com/4c0PuMDQhq

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) May 12, 2019

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The crowd was SUPER welcoming for Josh Alexander, who hasn’t been back for some time. We then saw a contender for the AAW match of the year. This was a killer match, which went to the outside, we saw moves onto the apron, and just HUGE power moves. Alexander is the real deal, who hit Brooks with everything and he just kept kicking out. Moves like HUGE powerbombs, double underhook piledrivers, and even a jumping tombstone. Alexander for the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander

Wow this match between Josh Alexander and Adam Brooks is incredible! #AAWPrisoners pic.twitter.com/sUMO2lbSgu

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) May 12, 2019

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