AEW Double or Nothing Results (5/25): Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega II

July 27, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

AEW Double or Nothing
May 25, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

>> You can watch the AEW Double or Nothing pre-show at this link. 

— Alex Marvez and Excalibur kick things off in front of a loud, sold-out crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. They run down tonight’s match card before throwing things to Justin Roberts in the ring, to introduce the Casino Battle Royale!


The first five competitors in the match are Dustin Thomas, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Michael Nakazawa, Sunny Daze and Brandon Cutler. MJF is already getting booed, while Nakazawa has a huge chant going for him.

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MJF goes right after Dustin in the corner and beats him down, screaming something about “Lieutenant Dan” while Sunny did the same to Cutler in the opposite corner. After a few minutes the next group made their way out including Brian Pillman Jr., Jimmy Havoc, Joey Janela, and Isiah Kassidy, who all brawl on the ramp. Number 10 of course is the “Perfect 10” Shawn Spears, who comes out to a massive reaction before going right after MJF with wild rights and lefts.

The next group eventually makes their way including Glacier, Jungle Boy, Ace Romero… and BILLY GUNN! Nakazawa is the first to be eliminated, followed by Glacier, which the crowd didn’t appreciate. Janela tried to light a cigarette, but Jimmy Havoc being a maniac put it out on his forehead. The final group is Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, Sonny Kiss, Tommy Dreamer and Orange Cassidy! Acey Baby did a giant dive through the ropes to take everyone out. Dreamer hit the ring with a trash can and blasted everyone, over and over again.

And the mystery #21 spot is… HANGMAN PAGE! Hangman hits the ring to a massive reaction and starts taking out EVERYONE with right hands. He comes face-to-face with his ALL IN opponent Joey Janela and the two start trading wild rights and lefts. Page eventually got the better of the exchange and destroyed him with the Right of Passage! He tried to hoist up Romero but that’s not gonna happen, as the injured knee gives out.

Marko Stunt tried his hardest to take on Romero but nothing he did had any effect. He got a running start but Acey Baby sent him FLYING over the ropes with a massive pounce, going right through a few of the other guys on the floor. Jungle Boy came out of nowhere to take advantage of the distraction and kick the big man over the ropes! Romero has been eliminated.

Dustin Thomas did the no-leg 619 to Janela in the ropes, then did a wild springboard 450 much to the delight of the crowd. Spears tried to eliminate him, but Dustin gave him a hurricanrana to eliminate the Perfect 10! We have a quick series of eliminations with MJF eliminates Thomas, Billy Gunn and Cutler as the heard is starting to thin out. Luchasaurus chokeslammed Janela over the ropes, through a table on the outside where he landed ON HIS NECK. GOOD LORD HE IS DEAD!

Sonny Kiss slammed his ass into Dreamer in the corner over and over again, before the Hardcore Legend threw him over the ropes. Boooo! Orange Cassidy went after Dreamer and hit him with some lackluster kicks. Dreamer took him out with his hands in his pocket, but Cassidy kipped right back up! Dreamer eventually eliminated Cassidy, but turned around into a staple gun from Havoc, and he’s eliminated!

MJF tries to eliminate Jungle Boy but he skinned the cat. Havoc started biting at his fingers to get the elimination. We’re down to the final four as Luchasaurus, Hangman Page and Jimmy Havoc all beat down MJF in the corner, before he rolls under the ropes. Havoc gets eliminated by a big boot from the dinosaur. Luchasaurus hit him with Tombstone, but Hangman turned the tides and thew him over! MJF snuck back into the ring to get the sneaky elimination, but Page skinned the cat and turned him inside out with the Buckshot Lariat! He’s gone! It’s over!

Winner: Hangman Page


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