Ken Shamrock Discusses Possibly Being Inducted To WWE’s Hall Of Fame

July 24, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

WWE and MMA legend, Ken Shamrock was a recent guest on Ryback’s podcast, Conversations With The Big Guy, where he spoke about the WWE Hall Of Fame. Below are some highlights of the interview with a H/T to for the transcriptions.

On possibly being inducted to the WWE Hall Of Fame:

“You know what? I’ve run across different people at signings and different things like that, but listen, Macho Man, it took him 30 years to get in or something like that. Obviously, I want to go in and I feel like I deserve to get in, but I am also okay with waiting because I know that there is a lot of other guys that put a lot more time than me that didn’t get in for a very long time,” stated Shamrock.

“So, I understand it. I just have to wait my time. I know that I will get in but I just don’t know when.”

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On people being critical of his opinions:

“I’ve always done that and even in a sense of it being detrimental to me and my career. But the way I grew up as a kid and the struggles I went through, I think the one thing that was instilled in me by my dad is if you can’t speak the truth and somebody is going to be offended because you are speaking that, then there’s something wrong with them and not you,” said Shamrock. “You should be able to say something without accusing or trying to hurt somebody. Somebody can ask me what I think about the product and I can say, you know, I really like to see more toughness in there. I would like to see them trying to be more aggressive and more wrestling and less soap opera. Real wrestlers, get real wrestlers in there, don’t be pushing people that aren’t wrestlers. Getting more aggressive and more of the attitude type thing.

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Conversations With The Big Guy