Backstage News on Why the Street Profits Have Yet to Wrestle on WWE Raw

July 23, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

The Street Profits have been involved in several backstage segments over the past two weeks on Monday Night Raw, but as you may have noticed they have yet to actually wrestle.

As previously reported, the decision to bring up the tag team from the NXT brand was a Paul Heyman idea as he is high on the duo, and was able to make the move happen after being announced as the real-life Executive Director of the flagship show.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the actual reason that the Street Profits have only appeared in backstage promos is a logistical dilemma stemming from having NXT champions on the main roster.

Naturally, Triple H wouldn’t want his champions losing a lot of matches while they still have the titles, as it weakens them, but there’s also a certain stigma about WWE main roster guys losing to NXT guys.

Some would say the best wrestlers should win the best matches regardless of where they are from, and that mentality of having to start from the bottom and NXT being “lesser than” makes no sense and just hurts the business overall – especially in a fake world where you could script reasons for wins and losses – but that’s just not WWE’s philosophy.

The immediate future is unknown. If they really can’t put them in matches until they drop the titles, the next possible date is NXT Takeover: Toronto the weekend of SummerSlam. There’s also a TV taping that next week. The Street Profits had just won the titles at NXT Takeover XXV after the War Raiders had to vacate them for the same exact reason.

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