Impact Wrestling Results (11/5): Sami Callihan’s World Title Celebration, Ken Shamrock vs Joey Ryan

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NOVEMBER 5, 2019

— We kick things off outside the venue as Sami Callihan and the entire oVe gang are hanging out, drinking beers with a gaggle of fans. The new Impact World Champion says that they “drink beer like real men, not a little bit of the bubbly like a bunch of little bitches”. Tonight is about partying, and celebrating him becoming the new champion of the world. His title reign will be for Ohio, by Ohio, and oVe is taking over everything…. EVERYTHING! Thumbs up, thumbs down!


Mack shines early with a huge running headscissors takedown before brawling with his opponent to the floor. Moose actually hits a big dive and nearly kills Mack, then rolls him back into the ring to follow with a series of splashes. He probably could have finished things early, but decides to take his time whipping him back and forth off the turnbuckles, over and over again until Big Willie can barely stand. The crowd tries to rally him back into the action with “Chocolate Thunder” chants and Mack slowly gets to his feet, looking for more. They start trading chops back and forth as the crowd gets behind each one.

Moose takes his elbow pad off and fakes another chop, but instead pokes Mack into the eyes. Mack still manages to get a hold of him and hits a surprise stunner, followed by a standing moonsault for two-and-a-half. He climbs to the top rope looking to put things away, but Moose crotches him and connects with a superplex. Both men down. The referee begins his count and gets to about 7 before Moose nips up, surprising the crowd. The ref gets to 9 and Mack kips up as well. Moose leapfrogs a rush and turns him out with a huge spear – no Jackhammer Needed! It’s over.

Winner: Moose

— Alisha Edwards is in the women’s locker room getting ready for her date. She realizes she can’t go through with it and needs to talk to Ace Austin to cancel their date. However, when she goes into the hall she overhears Ace talking to Reno Scum about how he’s been “banging” her left and right. I believed he called it a “bang-a-rama”. Classy. Ace continued to brag about his sexual conquests, and admitted that he was just using and losing Alisha to get in Eddie’s head, and now that he’s won that battle he doesn’t need her anymore. Alisha is PISSED and storms off.

— There’s a backstage segment between Taya Valkyrie, Madison Rayne and others but I couldn’t actually hear it. Audio on my feed went out for some reason. It came back right as Jordynne Grace showed up and claims she’s next in line for the Knockouts title. She wants her match tonight, but Taya refuses to give it to her.


Bahh scoops up Elgin right away and slams him down, then delivers a few splashes to get some early momentum going. He runs into a boot in the corner, Elgin puts a dropkick right between the shoulder blades and it sends the big man flying to the outside. Big Mike brings him back into the ring and starts firing off with some massive knife-edge chops, but Bahh sends back a few of his own. Elgin with a stiff lariat in the corner, and manages to somehow hoist his opponent up for an impressive vertical suplex, as we head to commercial.

When we come back, Elgin is throwing forearms in the corner, but Bahh starts hulking up and tosses him across the ring. Big Mike chips him down slowly with more forearms and tries for the Elgin Bomb, but he’s nowhere close to getting him up and Bahh crushes him with a jumping Banzai Drop for two-and-a-half. Bahh hits two splashes in the corner, but on the third runs into a superkick. Elgin hits a second superkick, then a high knee strike, followed by a MONSTROUS German suplex. WOW.

Elgin is pissed off now and manages to get the big man up on the top rope. He gets him over and connects with a giant superplex that nearly broke the ring… BUT FALLAH POPS RIGHT BACK UP! Elgin looks like he’s seen a ghost but scoops him up anyways and hits the Death Valley Driver… Fallah kicks out at one and once again pops right back up. Bahh hits a Rikishi Driver and starts the climb to the second rope. Elgin won’t say die just yet and crotches him, then drops his arm down hard over the top rope. Elgin with a sunset flip bomb into a pin, but immediately transitions into a crossface! Bahh taps!

Winner: Michael Elgin


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