Lex Luger Interview: Relationship with Heenan, How He Returned to WCW, more

December 31, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Rajah.com reader Ryan Talbot sent this in:


I write for a Buffalo site called Queen City Sports. Recently I conducted an interview with Lex Luger on growing up in Buffalo, this wrestling career and his current life. A few wrestling topics covered were:

-How he had no say in being billed from Chicago instead of Buffalo

-How he changed the way contracts were done in the wrestling business

-Being handed a makeshift belt after defeating Barry Windham

-How Vince McMahon reacted to Luger’s motorcycle accident

-His relationship with Bobby Heenan

-How Sting led him to rejoining WCW

-On if he’d like to see Sting in the WWE

-And one angle he didn’t enjoy.

The entire interview can be read here: http://queencitysports.net/exclusive-interview-with-buffalos-own-lex-luger/