The John Report: The WWE Raw Deal 09/28/15

December 12, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Live from Buffalo, New York this is the Raw Deal for episode #1166. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport.

There was a recap of the Seth Rollins/Kane stuff from last week’s Raw that saw Kane drag Rollins under the ring to show him what cement looks like. No clip of what happened on Smackdown with Kane costing Rollins a match against Ambrose (shouldn’t Dean get a title shot?) because WWE doesn’t care about that show, so why should you? The Raw intro video played. No fireworks.

The United States Champion John Cena made his entrance. Later on Raw it’s Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt. The announce team of Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield and Byron Saxton welcomed us to the show.

Cena: “Have no fear, the champ is here.” New material huh? He said his US Title will be defended here tonight…right now. He sucked up to the crowd saying Buffalo is the place to be and he’s the man to beat, so the US Title Open Challenge starts now.

Trombone time! Here’s Big E telling Cena to be ready. The tag team champions The New Day walked out together with Xavier Woods rocking the trombone.

Big E said this Saturday on WWE Network, they will be free of those nasty Dudley Boyz. Big E said they are there to answer Cena’s open challenge. They gave him a new slogan: “Hustle Loyalty Booty.” Kofi Kingston said you should call them Scrooge McDuck because they’re swimming in all the gold. I love Ducktales references. They sang “new US champs” to the tune of Cena’s song.

Cena told them to pick one because there’s a time to entertain and a time to take care of business. He said if they didn’t take this serious he’ll beat all their asses. Big E and Kofi pushed Xavier forward, so he told Cena he’s going to get “lost in the woods.” Lilian Garcia did the introduction for both men.

United States Championship: John Cena vs. Xavier Woods (w/Big E & Kofi Kingston)

Woods did some “New Day rocks” trombone playing, then put it down and Cena crushed him with a clothesline. Cena hit his suplex, Kingston grabbed his leg when he ran the ropes and the referee sent Kofi and Big E to the locker room. The match went to break with Woods all alone.

Analysis: So the midcarder that had the advantage no longer has it. Weird way of booking.


Cena hit a spinning suplex followed by the Five Knuckle Shuffle fist drop. Woods got out of the Attitude Adjustment, then hit a punch to the head and a kick to the head for two. Cena missed a cross body block off the top rope, so Woods came back with a DDT off the middle rope for two. Cena caught Woods and dropped him with a Powerbomb for two. Woods hit the Lost in the Woods (same move that Gail Kim uses as a finisher), which was good enough for a two count. Cena came back and applied the STF submission. Big E and Xavier Woods ran out to break up the submission, so it ends in a disqualification after nine minutes.

Winner by disqualification: John Cena

Analysis: **1/2 It was a decent match for the time given. I wasn’t sure if Woods would be booked strong just because it’s against Cena. Woods really hasn’t that many featured singles matches on Raw in his career, so I’m glad he looked competitive. There were some solid nearfalls in the match although I doubt anybody watching this thought that there was any chance that Cena was going to lose. The ending was predictable.

Post match, the Dudley Boyz ran down to the ring and saved Cena. They brawled with The New Day. New Day yanked the Dudleys out of the ring, so they fought there a bit. Then New Day went back into the ring. It looks like tag team match time.

Analysis: It looks like Cena was put in this spot so that he was on the show in the 30 minutes prior to the Monday Night Football game starting. Could be a smart strategy by WWE. Then again, it might not matter much.


John Cena and The Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day’s Big E, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston

The match started during the break with the faces working over Kingston and Bubba nailing his elbow smash. Cena tagged in and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Kingston, which led to Big E tagging in. Big E took down Cena with a shoulder tackle, so that led to the heels isolating Cena in their corner. Woods was yelling “I should be US Champion” because he’s awesome. Big E nailed a big running splash on Cena for a two count. When he tried it again, Cena rolled out of the way. Devon got the hot tag and nailed big moves on Kofi including a neckbreaker off the ropes. Big E hit a running cross body attack on Cena while he was on the ropes with E going to the floor with him. That’s always a good spot. Bubba hit the Bubba Bomb for two that was broken up by Woods and Devon dumped him to the floor. Whassup Drop double team move by the Dudleys. That spot is still very popular. Woods tripped up Bubba, Devon turned his head and Kingston nailed Trouble in Paradise on Devon. Kingston covered Devon for the win after seven minutes.

Winners by pinfall: The New Day

Analysis: **1/2 It was a solid tag match where I’m shocked that the heels actually won the match. Normally a match like this is won by the faces, especially with Cena involved, so I was pleasantly surprised by the booking decision. It was done that way to set up the tag title match at Saturday’s MSG live event that is going to be on WWE Network. I don’t expect there to be a tag team title change, but it’s possible. I just think The New Day are better as long term tag team champions instead of losing the titles to the Dudleys.

It’s Miz TV on Raw with Charlotte and Becky Lynch.


Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were in the office with a woman named Ashley, who is from WWE’s Human Resources department. Kane showed up wondering who she is. Stephanie said Ashley is there from HR because an anonymous complaint was filed against Kane. Seth Rollins showed up talking about the complaint. Stephanie wanted Kane to take this serious because Ashley’s recommendation could determine Kane’s future as director of operations. Rollins said it’s a lot of pressure, so Kane went into evil Kane voice to tell Rollins he’s the man…and then he spoke as normal Kane. Kane left with Ashley while Rollins complained about him to Hunter and Stephanie.

The announcers talked about the show with Cole saying that Kane has put together a great show like the Reigns vs. Wyatt main event.

Analysis: I love when people get credit for putting together a great show with barely any matches advertised and tag matches set up in an impromptu manner. This company hurts my brain with their lack of logic.

Dean Ambrose was in the locker room with Roman Reigns talking about Bray Wyatt having some crazy plan. Reigns said that Wyatt started it, but he’s finishing it. Ambrose said that he’d take care of the others in the Wyatt Family. They mentioned Randy Orton and then shortly after, Orton showed up wearing a Connor’s Cure bracelet. Reigns thought he could handle things by himself. Orton said he would let them handle things, but after tonight it’s open season on the Wyatts.

Analysis: Reigns doing promos as a confident babyface is how he should be portrayed.

Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Show nailed a Spear early on. Show hit a body slam and Henry was selling it like the most painful move ever. Another body slam by Show led to more over the top selling by Henry. Three body slams by Show. Boot to the face by Show. Henry was staggering, so Show nailed him with the Knockout Punch for the win after three minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Big Show

Analysis: 1/4* It was just a way to put over Show prior to his match against Brock Lesnar on Saturday. I thought Henry’s over the top selling was pretty ridiculous, but they are trying to simplify things in WWE where basic moves like body slams are treated as a big deal. Show lost so many matches for the last few months, yet now WWE wants to tell you he’s threat. If you think Show has any chance of beating Lesnar on Saturday…well…you’re wrong. Sorry.

Miz TV up next.


Miz TV Segment

The Miz was in the ring with his “set” when he called for a clip of Paige’s promo last week. He’s got some scarf thing on his head as he welcomed the Divas Champion Charlotte and Becky Lynch. They received a nice ovation.

The Miz welcomed them to the show and said last time they were on the show they got into trouble with The Bellas. Becky mocked him with Miz saying he was wearing an infinity scarf. Charlotte said that Paige is either going to walk to the ring to talk it out or they’re just going to throw down. Miz complained about how nobody calls people out on his show, so Becky threw his microphone up the aisle. Charlotte wanted Paige to come out.

The Bella Twins and Alicia Fox showed up. Nikki said thank you because while PCB are fighting, Team Bella is more united than ever. Nikki said that when she gets her rematch, she’ll be the new Divas Champion because Charlotte is distracted. Charlotte invited her to the ring so she can tap out like at Night of Champions. Nikki bragged about how everything is about her regarding the Divas Title. Nikki said that one woman started the Divas Revolution – her.

Charlotte said Nikki’s wrong as well as Paige are wrong about starting the Divas Revolution because it’s about the fans believing in them. Alicia Fox said that three is stronger than two. Lynch mocked her for being able to count. Brie wanted to fight.

Paige walked out for a promo by saying she put NXT on the map by becoming the first NXT Women’s Champion. She said without her, Charlotte wouldn’t be Divas Champion and people wouldn’t know Becky’s name. Nikki wondered if you had friends like these, who really needs enemies. Paige: “Yeah and if you have two boyfriends like yours, who really needs ambition?” Now that was a good line! Of course, Brie has a husband in Daniel Bryan while Nikki has a boyfriend in John Cena, but it still worked.

The six women started brawling in the ring with Paige taking down Brie with a Spear and the heels retreated to the floor. Conveniently, they are all in their wrestling gear. I wonder if this will lead to a tag match. Now that’s sarcasm.

Analysis: It was a decent promo segment. They gave Charlotte the big line where she said the Divas Revolution started because of the fans, which is true in a way, but the crowd didn’t pop that big for it. It was a good pop although not as big as WWE likely wanted. Paige’s line about the ambition of the Bella Twins was very interesting. I know some people like to say these promos are “pipebombs” but I think that phrase is overused a lot. It’s nice to see some more interesting promos at least.


Charlotte, Becky Lynch & Paige vs. Nikki Bella, Brie Bella & Alicia Fox

The face side was working together even though Paige verbally attacked them multiple times. The face in peril was Becky Lynch, who missed an attack in the corner and was sent head first into the mat. The commentary on this match is so awful with them talking about Total Divas as well as history of each woman while talking about if they deserve what they have. Brie hit a bulldog that Cole called “ooohhh” instead of the actual name. Why can’t they call moves? Paige looked frustrated on the apron while Lynch was isolated by the heels. Double clothesline spot by Becky and Nikki. Hot tag to Charlotte while Paige looked frustrated. Back elbows by Charlotte followed by a neckbreaker and kick to the face for two. Paige sent Fox out of the ring while Lynch and Brie tumbled out. Nikki kicked Charlotte into Paige, who went to the floor. Paige wasn’t happy about that, so she walked up the ramp. Natalya showed up to yell at Paige for leaving. When Natalya went on the apron as if she was joining the match, Paige tripped her up and sent her down. Charlotte was looking at all of this like a dummy, so Nikki capitalized with the Rack Attack for the pinfall win after seven minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Nikki Bella, Brie Bella & Alicia Fox

Analysis: ** The match was pretty basic while telling a simple story: The heels were the cohesive unit that worked well together while the faces were distracted by Paige’s actions. They also can put over the fact that former Divas Champion Nikki Bella beat the current champion Charlotte. I like that she won with her finishing move instead of doing a rollup or something weaker. Last week Paige turned heel and this furthered it. I think it would be great if Natalya turned heel to side with Paige because it would help Natalya a lot.

Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show preview is up next. A video aired for WWE 2K16, which comes out in late October.


Back from break, Cole bragged about WWE winning some W3 awards. Never heard of them.

A promo aired hyping up Lesnar vs. Show with clips of their Survivor Series 2002 match. They edited out the part where Paul Heyman turned on Lesnar, which set up Lesnar to become a babyface. That’s why Show won, yet it wasn’t even shown. They showed the clip of Smackdown in 2003 when the ring broke. That’s their best moment for sure. Clips were shown of Royal Rumble 2014 when Lesnar destroyed Show with a chair and beat him easily. It ended like this: “The Beast. The Giant. The Garden.” Then there was a staredown. The WWE Network special from MSG airs Saturday at 8pmET. I think it was originally announced for 7:30pmET, but I may be wrong.

Analysis: Good video to set up their match even though the Lesnar win is obvious. I’ll write about it live most likely.

In the backstage area, Rollins was complaining to Ashley about Kane when Kane showed up. Kane reminded him how he was beside Rollins when he won Money in the Bank and the WWE Title. Kane gave Rollins a box with a present in it. Rollins reluctantly opened it to find the severed head from Rollins’ statue. He said he dug it up in Baltimore with a shovel and flashlight. Ashley said it was considerate. Rollins said he can’t keep it, so he handed it back to Kane and left. Kane gave it to Ashley.

Analysis: Oh old man Kane, you so crazy.


The Prime Time Players entered for a match as the announcers plugged a live event in St. Louis on Saturday. WWE never used to plug live events like that, but ticket sales have been down, so they are pushing the live events more.

Braun Strowman & Luke Harper vs. The Prime Time Players

Harper tossed Darren Young to the floor. Strowman tossed Young into the barricade. Back in the ring, Titus O’Neil tagged in and nailed a powerslam on Harper. Strowman grabbed Young by the throat, which led to him yanking Young out of the ring. Harper nailed O’Neil with a huge clothesline. Strowman tagged in and applied his arm/neck choke that led to O’Neil passing out. That’s it for this match after four minutes. The crowd didn’t seem to care about this very much.

Winners by submission/ref stoppage: Braun Strowman & Luke Harper

Analysis: * It was just a match to showcase the strength of Strowman like we have seen for the last several weeks. O’Neil’s a bigger guy, so Strowman knocking him out with the choke could be seen as being more impressive than normal.

Reigns vs. Wyatt later.


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Stardust is in the ring for a match without The Ascension. No explanation why. They have been good together.

Stardust vs. Neville

Neville was really aggressive early, but when he went to the top rope, Stardust tripped him up. Neville was trapped upside down against the turnbuckle. He was able to kick Stardust away. Stardust went for a springboard attack when Neville countered with a dropkick. Neville wanted the Red Arrow, but King Barrett’s music started and he walked to the ring in full wrestling gear. Stardust shoved Neville into Barrett, who dropped Neville with a Bull Hammer elbow. The ref ran the bell for the disqualification. It went about three minutes.

Winner by disqualification: Neville

Post match, Stardust told Barrett they were a team. Barrett picked him up and dropped him with a Bull Hammer. Barrett did a quick promo: “All hail the return of the king.”

Analysis: * The match didn’t matter much since it was about bringing Barrett back. He was gone for a month due to filming a WWE movie in England. This may seem like a minor complaint, but if a guy shows up after being gone for over a month, he shouldn’t be in his gear. Put him in street clothes or something to make it look natural. Having him in wrestling gear is cheesy. I like Barrett, but he may be the most poorly booked performer in WWE this year. It’s either him or Damien Sandow considering how over he was earlier in the year.

Seth Rollins and Ashley were shown walking backstage. Is he asking her to re-hire his girlfriend Zahra Schreiber? Probably not.


Kane’s Evaluation As Director Of Operations

Kane was in the ring with Ashley. Kane asked Ashley if she was ready to present her report. Before she could say anything, the music of WWE Champion Seth Rollins played. Rollins walked down to the ring.

Rollins told Ashley to not read a thing and said Kane isn’t the man that he presents himself to be. Clips aired of Kane as the big red machine. Rollins said that is the real Kane because he has the soul of the demon from the depths of hell. Rollins said he knows what Kane is capable of and mentioned Kane trying to drag him to hell last week on Raw. He said that people like him go to heaven. If you don’t believe him, ask The Pope. Rollins said The People told him: “Seth Rollins, you are going to heaven.” Rollins said he already felt like he was in heaven since he’s the WWE Champion.

Kane set up a video package showing some history of Rollins and Kane with Rollins talking trash about Kane as well as adding to his ankle injury.

Ashley said that Kane is of sound mind and is more than capable of fulfilling his duties as Director of Operations. She said that Kane is the perfect WWE employee. Rollins complained. She said if anybody needs to be evaluated then it’s clearly Rollins. Ashley claimed that Rollins was the most unprofessional person she has met during her time in WWE.

Rollins walked down to the ring while Ashley left. Rollins told Kane he’s out of his mind. He dropped the WWE Title while he was yelling at him. When Kane went to pick up the title, Rollins dropped him with a Pedigree. Rollins grabbed a chair, nailed Kane in the knee with it and hit him in the back a few times as well. Rollins placed the left ankle of Kane inside the chair and Rollins stomped on it. It’s been known as “Pillmanizing” in the past because of when Steve Austin did it to Brian Pillman nearly 20 years ago.

Rollins trash talked Kane while Kane was put on a stretcher by EMT’s. Rollins told Kane that he’s just a man, not a monster. He said that everybody knows Kane is a fraud. Rollins told Kane he’s never going to get his World Title and his games are over. Kane was placed in the ambulance. The ambulance left, but then it stopped. Rollins said it’s proof that anybody that steps up to him will get what they deserve.

Back to the ambulance, smoke was shown coming out of it as well as a red light. The “Demon Kane” emerged with the mask and the hair. He was limping, then he stomped his foot hard into the floor and walked without any limp. I guess monsters don’t have to sell.

Rollins was still in the ring even though he saw the Kane transformation. Rollins went after the injured leg, but it didn’t hurt Kane at all. Kane walked into the ring, unloaded on Rollins with punches and a big boot to the face. Kane nailed Rollins with a Chokeslam. The crowd was cheering for this. Kane wanted a Tombstone, but Rollins slipped out of it and went up the aisle. The WWE Title was in the ring, so Kane held it up in the air as he did his trademark pose.

Analysis: The attack was good. Everything leading up to it was pretty boring and it took a while to get to the point. The Demon Kane stuff is so cheesy, but it’s a reminder that this show is geared towards children. It also shows that WWE isn’t sure of what they really are because at times they try to shoot these reality angles (like the Paige promo) yet at other times they do over the top storylines like this. They set up the ambulance scene very well. Kane and Rollins both did a good job, but I don’t have much interest in nearly 50 year old Kane as top contender when he’s barely won any matches in the last year. It’s right to do the story based on their history. I just don’t see how anybody can get excited about Kane getting a title shot.

Bray Wyatt did a backstage promo talking about how he’s ready for his fight with Roman Reigns and said he’ll be alone. He said that it’s always been about them. He ended it with this: “Only a fool believes he can look into the dragon’s eyes and not be burned. Run.”


They showed members of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills at ringside. They’re 2-1 right now and doing well.

Bo Dallas was in the ring. He talked about how the Bills are an inspiration, but they are missing one important thing: a Super Bowl trophy. He said he can help them achieve it…all you have to do is Bolieve. JBL made a fat joke about Rex Ryan saying he’s at the concession stands. Rex has lost weight, but still mildly funny. They plugged tickets on sale for Smackdown in Philadelphia next week.

Randy Orton vs. Bo Dallas

They went outside the ring where Orton grabbed Dallas in front of the Bills players at ringside. Orton gave him a back suplex onto the top of the barricade. Back in the ring, Orton with a backbreaker, DDT off the ropes and then the RKO finished it off. The match went two minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Randy Orton

Analysis: * It was just a squash match to put over Orton. I guess it’s better than seeing him face Sheamus again.

There was a video from Smackdown when Kevin Owens walked out of a tag match with Rusev, which led to Rusev getting pinned by Ryback. That leads to Rusev vs. Owens tonight.


The former IC Champ Ryback is on commentary for the next match.

Kevin Owens vs. Rusev (w/Summer Rae)

This is not for Owens’ Intercontinental Title. Heel vs. heel matches aren’t common, but this is interesting. They brawled outside the ring, so Owens shoved Rusev into Ryback. Rusev started fighting with him, which led to the ref ringing the bell. It went less than one minute.

Match Result: No Contest

Post match, Owens and Rusev tossed Ryback into the steel steps at ringside. They stomped on Ryback in the ring. Dolph Ziggler ran out for the save. Ziggler nailed Rusev with a superkick in the aisle. Owens bailed to the floor before Ziggler could get to him. Ryback and Ziggler stood tall in the ring while the heels left.

Analysis: The match didn’t matter because it was just an angle to set up the brawl with all four guys. This could be a four way Intercontinental Title feud, which is fine with me. I miss when Owens was featured in longer matches. Let the man wrestle, please. I’d be all for a long term Owens vs. Ziggler feud for the IC Title as well.

There was a video about WWE superstars dancing to raise awareness for pediatric cancer.

Paul Heyman was shown backstage walking to the ring.


Paul Heyman was in the ring talking about his client Brock Lesnar. He said this Saturday night, hell will descend upon Madison Square Garden when Lesnar gets his hands on the Big Show. Heyman said that Show is like that math genius in the sixth grade that is bored of the curriculum that is waiting for somebody to push him to his limits. Heyman went into shill mode to say that at MSG, his client Brock Lesnar will take Big Show to Suplex City.

Big Show walked out with a microphone in hand. Show was all serious as he entered the ring. He said he’s motivated as well as a one of a kind athlete. Show told Heyman that he pushes Lesnar to the limit every time he steps in the ring. He asked Heyman if Lesnar was upset that Lesnar had to face Show and Heyman never responded. The fans chanted “what” at Show, so he repeated himself. Show said this Saturday it’s going to be “Eat, sleep, beat Brock Lesnar at Madison Square Garden…repeat.” Heyman left. Show told Heyman to think about his future…a future without Brock Lesnar. Heyman walked up the ramp.

Analysis: Great sell job by Heyman like usual. He talked about Big Show in a way that helps Show come off like a bigger star. The problem is we see Show lose so much that we don’t really believe it. Show’s promo was pretty good in terms of trying to sell the match as well as saying that he is very motivated. The match on Saturday will be a clean win for Lesnar, but at least they are trying to sell the idea that it’s going to be competitive.

Reigns vs. Wyatt main event up next.


They mentioned that SummerSlam will be in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for 2016 and 2017. Sorry Los Angeles. It was announced earlier on Monday.

Roman Reigns entered first followed by Bray Wyatt, who had Luke Harper and Braun Strowman with him. Earlier in the show, Wyatt said he was going to fight alone, but heels tend to lie.

Reigns did a promo saying that he challenged Wyatt one on one and Wyatt brings out his “training wheels” with him. He wondered if “training wheels” respected Wyatt because it looks like to him that Wyatt is a little bitch. Wyatt spoke to both Harper and Strowman and sent them away.

Analysis: Apparently calling somebody a bitch works even with a guy like Wyatt. That’s a lesson for all you kids out there.

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

They had about one minute of action with Reigns dominating. When they went outside the ring, it was time for a commercial.


Back from break, Wyatt was in control with a headlock. Wyatt got a nearfall with a one armed slam for two. Wyatt missed a corner charge and hit the ring post. Then he went for a running splash, but Reigns moved. Reigns nailed some knee lifts as well as a suplex into a slam for two. JBL said it was like Goldberg – sort of. Reigns hit clotheslines in the corner and then a leaping clothesline. They exchanged blows, then Wyatt got a boot to the face and a hard clothesline for two. Reigns did a powerbomb out of the corner. They replayed it. Better than replaying a body slam. Reigns nailed a Superman Punch, which led to Wyatt going out of the ring. Reigns charged at him, Wyatt moved and Reigns hit the steel steps. Wyatt tried throwing the steps at him, but Reigns moved. Reigns hit a clothesline to send Wyatt over the barricade. The ref counted them out. The match went 13 minutes.

Match Result: Double Countout

Analysis: **3/4 I didn’t expect a clean finish. If you did, you don’t watch this show enough. I thought they did some cool spots in the match, but knowing that it was going to end with a non-finish really took some of the drama out of the action for me. These two have wrestled many times in the last two years too. I saw it at a live event over a year ago and it was a good match. They’ve developed a good chemistry. However, it was pretty obvious that this wasn’t going to be end of their rivalry.

Post match, Reigns jumped over the barricade to take out Wyatt, who was standing there near the crowd. They exchanged punches by the crowd. Some excited fan was encouraging Reigns to keep punching him in the face. Wyatt tossed some WWE tech workers into Reigns. With Reigns standing against the barricade, Wyatt tackled him and they went crashing. Of course the barricade doesn’t hurt much, but it sounds good. The fans were chanting “this is awesome” for the brawl.

Wyatt got back to his feet. The steps were positioned by the announce table. Wyatt posed on the table, so Reigns came back out of nowhere with a Spear that sent Wyatt through the table. Reigns went crashing through the table with him. That was a cool spot. Fans were doing “yes” chants. Raw ended with both Wyatt and Reigns knocked out by the table.

Analysis: That was a fun post match segment. The crowd was so bored for three hours that when they saw bigger spots like the tackle by the barricade and the Spear through the announce table it woke them up big time. They were cheering the effort of both men, as am I. They busted their ass to end Raw on a high note. The problem is the rest of the show was pretty boring.


Three Stars of the Show

1. Roman Reigns

2. Bray Wyatt

3. The New Day – I cheated, but I thought they did great.


The Scoreboard

3.5 out of 10

Last week: 5

Last 5 Weeks: 5, 5.5, 4.5, 6, 7

2015 Average: 5.80

2015 High: 9 (May 4)

2015 Low: 3.5 (September 28)


Final Thoughts

I’m giving it a 3.5 out of 10.

– That’s my lowest score of the year. I was bored the whole three hours and so was the crowd in Buffalo. I give credit to Wyatt and Reigns for doing some fun spots in the main event to wake them up a bit, but it was a pretty uneventful show for the most part.

– I’m not that interested in Kane as a top contender. What he did by changing his look in the ambulance was cool if you’re a kid maybe. He’s a good actor, but in the end his matches don’t excite me at all.

– The matches were below average for the most part. So many of the good workers like Ziggler, Owens, Rollins, Ambrose, Cesaro weren’t in matches. Owens was, but it was barely a match.

– No sign of Sheamus this week. I’m not sure why, but I guess it’s because there’s no angle for him at the moment and it’s as simple as that.

– They didn’t promote the Hell in a Cell PPV that much. It’s four weeks away, so that’s probably why. There wasn’t that much promotion for Saturday’s MSG special since they only mentioned a few matches.

That’s all for this week. I’m not sure when next week’s Raw Deal will be posted. I leave for Orlando next Tuesday on a very early flight, so it might be a live Raw Deal or a very abbreviated version. I may just skip it too. I’ll be at both NXT tapings (Takeover and taping the next day), so I’ll write about that experience when I get the chance.

Thanks for reading. Go Toronto Blue Jays. Go St. Louis Rams.

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