TNA Spending More On Talent Again, Update On Production Woes

December 11, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

TNA is starting to spend more money on talent again, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The recent signing of James Storm is an example of this, with TNA offering him significantly more than WWE was willing to pay. TNA has a lot of contracts coming due soon and the company is looking to lock people in with lucrative deals to offset the perception that the company does not have momentum.

There have been some big changes behind the scenes regarding the production staff. Last year TNA was regularly delinquent on paying their production workers, which was even acknowledged by talent during interviews, leading to some embarrassment for the company.

TNA is now working with a staffing company (owned by former wrestlers Ron & Don Harris) that hires and pays the production people directly and then TNA then owes the money to the staffing company. Prior to the change, there were still production crew members that TNA owed money to.

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