Kenny Bolin On Cena's Decreasing Involvement With WWE, Paige/Del Rio Rumors

December 6, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Kenny Bolin recently appeared as a guest on The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast and spoke about John Cena’s current status with WWE, among other topics.

Regarding Cena’s current WWE status, Bolin speculated that the longtime top WWE performer is tired of taking bumps on a regular basis at this point in his career.

“He is basically still the biggest draw in the company even though they are trying to put that saddle on somebody else. I think Cena even though he said he would never leave wrestling, Cena wants to do other things now. It looks like Cena is tired of taking bumps every f*cking night.”

Additionally, Bolin touched on the rumors that WWE was actively trying to break up the real-life couple of Alberto Del Rio and Paige.

“I heard the company wanted Del Rio and her (Paige) to break up. Isn’t there like 95 examples of these f*cking inbreeders hooking up? Because apparently they can’t find anyone that can deal with them outside of the business. To my proudness I can say I never, ever dated anyone in the business. Once they left a territory and if they came back through town there might be a nightly hookup and no I wasn’t always a big fat f*ck and actually looked halfway decent at one time. Still though to this day I am actually amazed at the type of girls that will give me the time of day. Basically I try to be a pretty nice guy, I treat people good and some people ignore the fact that I am fat so we’ve got to take what we can get.”

Check out the complete Kenny Bolin interview above.