Rally Marks Anniversary of Net Neutrality Rule as New FCC Chair Puts It in Crosshairs

October 1, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Proponents of an open internet are holding a rally on Monday to mark the two-year anniversary of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) vote that enshrined net neutrality protections that the new Trump administration has already begun eroding.

The 3pm event in Washington, D.C is backed by the Color of Change, National Hispanic Media Coalition, Center for Media Justice, and Free Press, and will feature the FCC’s only Democratic commissioner, Mignon Clyburn.

Even before President Donald Trump he took his oath of office, open internet advocates feared the new administration would spell doom for net neutrality, and evidence thus far shows those fears were justified. Already, as the New York Times wrote earlier this month, newly appointed FCC chair Ajit Pai (who voted against the net neutrality rules in 2015),

According to Timothy Karr, senior director of strategy for Free Press, “No FCC chair over the past 40 years has been so bent on undermining the agency’s public-service mission and destroying the safeguards on which hundreds of millions of Americans rely.”

Laying out the stakes, Max Anderson, coordinator for Human Rights Watch’s general counsel’s office, wrote last week:

In an interview this month with FAIR‘s Janine Jackson, Jessica Gonzalez, deputy director and senior counsel at Free Press added that

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So what can people do?

“The short answer is to raise hell,” said Craig Aaron, CEO of Free Press, to Mercury News columnist Troy Wolverton.

“Net neutrality is an issue that a lot of people care about—millions and millions more than the FCC ever expected,” Aaron said. “We need to hear from those people again.”

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