Quiz: Will you be voting for 'The Irishman' for best picture?

December 30, 2019 0 By JohnValbyNation

Critics and awards voters have been celebrating Martin Scorsese’s monumental mob epic “The Irishman,” making it the Oscar front-runner for best picture. Do you think the Netflix movie has what it takes to win? Grab a loaf of bread, pour some red wine and take this quiz to find out.

1. Gender:

Male. (10)
Female. (2)

2. Age:

You are under 30. (2)
You are under 50. (5)
You just returned from picking out your coffin. (10)

3. You watched “The Irishman”:

In a movie theater. (10)
In your home theater. (5)
On your phone. (0)

4. If you watched “The Irishman” at home, you viewed it:

In a single sitting. (10)
Broken up in segments. (4)
In between binge-watching “The Kominsky Method.” (0)

5. If you took breaks while viewing the movie, what kind were they?

Bathroom breaks. (5)
Smoke breaks. (8)

Breaks to come to terms with your impending oblivion. (10)

6. Favorite collaboration between Scorsese and De Niro:

“Taxi Driver.” (8)
“Goodfellas.” (10)
“Joker.” (0)

7. You own:

Monogrammed shirts. (4)
Gold pinkie rings. (6)
A burial plot. (8)
All of the above. (10)

8. What tastes better?

Vodka-spiked watermelon. (5)
Purloined steaks. (8)
Ice cream sundae eaten after hearing your sworn enemy has been assassinated. (10)

9. Regrets:

I’ve had a few. (5)
None. Never look back. (0)
Bless me, father, for I have sinned. It has been 65 years since my last confession…. (10)

10. Do you have a nickname?

Yes. (8)
No. (4)

11. If you answered yes to above, what is that nickname?

Chief. (3)
Champ. (1)
Ice Pick Willie. (10)

12. When you first saw a de-aged Robert De Niro, you …

Recoiled. (0)
Rejoiced. (7)
Took screen shots and forwarded them to your plastic surgeon for reference. (10)

13. Length of time you’ll wait for someone who’s running late:

As long as it takes. You never know what the other person is going through. (0)
Fifteen minutes. You’ve got to allow for traffic. (5)
You don’t wait for anybody for more than 10 minutes. (10)

14. Key take-away from the movie:

You don’t know how fast time goes until you get there. (10)
Whenever anybody says they’re a little concerned, they’re very concerned. (5)
You charge with a gun. With a knife you run. (5)

15. Anna Paquin has seven words in the movie. That’s:

Too many. (5)
Unconscionable. (0)
Just right. Her silent, withering judgment is worth a thousand words. (10)

16. Marvel movies are:

Cinema. (0)
Mindless entertainment. (4)
A pestilence upon this land. (10)

17. Netflix projects are:

A boon for filmmakers wanting to tell original stories. (10)
TV movies and should be considered for the Emmys, not the Oscars. (0)

18. Current state of your attention span:

Ruined. (2)
I’m making it through this quiz. What more do you want? (8)
Stronger than my bladder. (6)

19. Question you pondered when movie ended:

Did Frank Sheeran really kill Jimmy Hoffa? (8)
How can a person buy a fish and not know what kind it is? (4)
Does Umberto’s Clam House offer a senior discount? (2)

20. Can you live with yourself?

Yes. (0)
No. (5)
It’s what it is. (10)


150 and above: You paint houses.
100-149: You most definitely will be showing your appreciation.
Below 100: Some people — not you — consider this movie a waste of time.