Long Beach police release video of deadly shooting at Bottoms Up sports bar

December 23, 2019 0 By JohnValbyNation

Police release video of shooting at Bottoms Up bar in Long Beach. (Warning: Graphic content)

Authorities have released surveillance and body camera footage of a man who shot at two people, one fatally, in a Long Beach sports bar in October before police arrived and shot him dead.

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In a community briefing video released Friday, the department detailed the Oct. 23 shooting in the 1700 block of Artesia Boulevard. It remains unclear why the man began shooting inside the establishment.

About 12:20 a.m., several patrons outside the Bottoms Up sports bar flagged down a Long Beach police officer to report a man wearing a Lakers jersey inside who was shooting at people.

While the patrons were talking to the officer, more shots were fired. The officer then walked up to the bar’s entrance and positioned himself so he could see inside the bar.

According to the eight-minute video, he saw a man pointing a gun at people inside the bar and fired two shots inside, striking the man, later identified as Delfon Kinney, 48.

Moments before the officer arrived, surveillance footage inside the bar shows a man, identified as Kinney, walking up to another man, holding a gun to his head, then stepping several feet away and shooting at him, while other people inside run for cover. The man, who ran out of the bar, survived.

Police believe that Kinney then exchanged gunfire with another person inside the bar, before moving on to shoot a man later identified as Manuel Marquez, 44, of Paramount.

Marquez, an employee of the bar, was discovered by police in the bathroom with several other people who were hiding.

Marquez had just started working at the bar to make money for the holidays, owner Suzanne Blevins previously told The Times.

According to the bar’s surveillance footage, the man with the gun, Kinney, arrived at the bar shortly after 9 p.m. Blevins said that he was a first-time customer who spent the evening watching a Lakers basketball game and chatting with her staff and the other patrons.

“This was not gang-related, not a stupid neighborhood fight. It was a man who was angry,” said Blevins, who watched the shooting later on surveillance video. “He shot at everybody; he shot at happiness and life. His first shot was at the cook he’d had a good conversation with earlier that evening.”

After the officer fired at Kinney, additional police arrived and found Kinney on the ground, unresponsive, still holding the gun. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Times staff writer Jeanette Marantos contributed to this report.